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Research Projects

Principal Investigator: Dr. Pitman B. Potter, IAR HSBC Chair in Asian Research and Faculty of Law
Funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council - Major Collaborative Research Initiative (MCRI) Program, this Phase Two MCRI project over the next seven years involves an important expansion of Phase One work (SSHRC-MCRI funded grant on Asia Pacific Disputes Resolution: Cross-cultural and Comparative Disputes Resolution Research). It applies the paradigms of Selective Adaptation and Institutional Capacity to the critically important issue of coordinated compliance with international trade and human rights standards. Based on new data derived from archival, interview, and Case Study sources in Canada, China, Japan, India and Indonesia, the project will test a range of hypotheses in order to develop an explanatory and predictive model that supports forecasting of coordinated trade and human rights compliance at local levels in Canada and Asia. Discoveries and insights gained through the research will be disseminated to a wide range of Canadian and international academic, policy, and civil society stakeholders. Research results will further the process of scholarly discovery, support informed policy making, and strengthen Canadian leadership in coordinated trade and human rights compliance, so as to reduce and prevent disputes and facilitate more effective international cooperation.
Principal Investigator: Dr. Julian Dierkes, Associate Professor
In June 2012, Julian Dierkes was awarded a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) Public Outreach Grant to allow Asia Pacific Memo (APM) to develop visualizations and expand its audience in a targeted manner. APM will continue to translate academic research on contemporary Asia and develop visualizations as well as an outreach program to secondary schools.
Infographics and data visualizations are increasingly used to facilitate understanding of complex interconnections, but also to embrace the potential for visual learning. We will begin to develop visualizations for a select set of Memos that lend themselves to such an approach.
Outreach to secondary schools
We are collaborating with British Columbia social studies teachers to evaluate the potential of offering Memos as teaching materials in secondary schools.
We have decided to focus on BC secondary schools as a first step in acknowledgment of the importance that the Asia Pacific has for the province. But if such a targeted approach meets with significant interest, we will be considering other well-defined audiences as potential targets.

Mandakranta Bose’s most recent SSHRC funded project is the reconstruction of a lost Sanskrit text on dance and music composed around 2nd century c.e. The compositions and techniques it describes came from regional and popular styles, in contrast to older and more established styles, enriching India’s performance arts tradition. It is thus an invaluable document in retracing the evolution of India’s complex heritage of dance, drama and music. Dr. Adheesh Sathaye of the Department of Asian Studies is co-investigator in this project with Dr. Bose.
Principal Investigator: Richard Paisley, IAR Research Associate

The objective of this project, a United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) project, funded by the Global Environment Facility (GEF), as well as a wide range of government, NGO and private sector partners is to foster more sustainable governance and effective decision making in integrated transboundary water and energy resources management.  The project identifies, collects, analyzes, adapts, replicates and shares beneficial practices and lessons learned from existing legal and other institutional frameworks for selected international freshwater, international groundwater and international marine environments. This will lead to strengthened multi-country cooperation and more sustainable governance models through more ecosystem-based and more adaptive management regimes as well as increased economic and environmental benefits to countries sharing water and energy resources along with assistance in meeting the challenges of global climate change.  Experiential learning, South-South peer collaboration and gender mainstreaming are key foci of all activities.  The principal investigator for the project are Dr. Pitman Potter and Richard Kyle Paisley.  Other UBC faculty, staff, contractors and students associated with the project include Susan Bazilli, Kate Neville, Glen Hearns, Natasha Affolder, Stephen Owen and Joseph Weiler.



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