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CESS Working Paper Series

 TitleCategoryModified DateSize 
Working Paper #1 - Challenges for Effective Policy Implementation towards a sustainable coal sector in China, Esteli Reyes. June 2007 CESS Working Papers9/8/2008354.70 KBDownload
Working Paper #2: Administrative Campaigns and Environmental Governance in Contemporary China, Li Guo & Kenneth Foster, April 2008.CESS Working Papers9/8/2008335.12 KBDownload
Water, Scarcity, and Tibetan Plateau Frontiers, by Tashi Tsering and Jack Hayes March 2012Asia Pacfic Memo10/1/2013UnknownDownload
Polluted Water Challenges China’s Engineering Efforts, by Darrin Magee November 2011Asia Pacfic Memo10/1/2013UnknownDownload
Water Conservation on the Tibetan Plateau, Jack Hayes October 2011Asia Pacfic Memo10/1/2013UnknownDownload
China’s Plans to Divert Water on the Tibetan Plateau, by Tashi Tsering October 2011Asia Pacfic Memo10/1/2013UnknownDownload
Cooperative Management of Mekong River is Crucial for 70 Million People, by Richard Paisley October 2010Asia Pacfic Memo10/1/2013UnknownDownload
Interview with Dai Qing, the Environmental Activist, Investigative Journalist, and Writer, by Alison Bailey November 2010 Asia Pacfic Memo10/1/2013UnknownDownload
Why are Foreign Mining Companies Retreating from China? By Elena Caprioni March 2013Asia Pacfic Memo10/1/2013UnknownDownload
Relocating China’s Pollutive Industries: a “Double Pollution” Problem, by Matthew Gaudreau March 2012Asia Pacfic Memo10/1/2013UnknownDownload
China: Energy, Environment, and Growth – Options for Canada (Video Interview with Dr. Wenran Jiang), by Wenran Jiang March 2012Asia Pacfic Memo10/1/2013UnknownDownload
China’s Next Revolution: Fracking in the East, by Margaret Skwara April 2011Asia Pacfic Memo10/1/2013UnknownDownload
Corporate Social Responsibility in Asia and the Sidelining of Corruption and Human Rights Issues, by Robert Hanlon October 2010Asia Pacfic Memo10/1/2013UnknownDownload
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