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Research at CISAR

Faculty and associates of CISAR conduct research spanning a diverse range of topics related the economy, society, arts and culture of India and South Asia.

Research related to the Indian Economy

The Role of Social Capital in Institutional Performance

A Comparative study of three regions in Maharashtra with a view to figure out the determinants of differential institutional performance across the regions. This involves an empirical analysis of data gathered from surveying 9000 households from 300 villages in Western Maharashtra, Vidarbha and Marathwada. This project is funded by a SSHRC Standard Research Grant (Investigators: Siwan Anderson, Patrick Francois and Ashok Kotwal).

The Impact of Economic Reform on Employment and Poverty in India

The goal is to understand the dynamics of growth and poverty process in India through the last 20 years in a theoretically consistent framework that would explain the empirical specifics of output and employment growth. Investigators: Mukesh Eswaran (UBC), Ashok Kotwal, Bharat Ramswami(Indian Statistical Institute) and Wilima Wadhwa (Indian Statistical Institute). This is Shastri Applied Research Project (SHARP) funded by a three year CIDA-SHASTRI.

Determinants of Domestic Violence against Women in India

The project seeks to determine the socio-economic variables that create the conditions that lead to domestic violence against women in India. Investigators: Nisha Malhotra (jointly with Mukesh Eswaran).

Research related to History, Culture and Society

Mandakranta Bose’s most recent SSHRC funded project is the reconstruction of a lost Sanskrit text on dance and music composed around 2nd century c.e. The compositions and techniques it describes came from regional and popular styles, in contrast to older and more established styles, enriching India’s performance arts tradition. It is thus an invaluable document in retracing the evolution of India’s complex heritage of dance, drama and music. Dr. Adheesh Sathaye of the Department of Asian Studies is co-investigator in this project with Dr. Bose.


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