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CJR Papers

Institute of Asian Research Graduate Student Research Conference 2004

Publications: CJR Research Paper/Monograph Series

CJR Japan Research Series

Masao Nakamura and Ilan Vertinsky, Japanese Economic Policies and Growth: Implications for Businesses in Canada and North America, University of Alberta Press, distributed by the University of British Columbia Press, 1994. Order form.

Keizo Nagatani and David Edgington (Eds.), Japan and the West: the Perception Gap, Ashgate, 1998.

Masao Nakamura (Ed.), JAPAN IN THE GLOBAL AGE: cultural, historical and political issues on Asia, environment, households and international communication, The Centre for Japanese Research (KBE Project), University of British Columbia. 2001. 227 pages. Includes index. ISBN 0-88865-748-X. Order form.

Masao Nakamura (Ed.), The Japanese Business and Economic System: History and Prospects for the 21st Century, 2001, Palgrave/Macmillan Press, 2001. Also available from: Amazon.com, Amazon Japan, Barnes and Noble.

Masao Nakamura (Ed.), Alliances, Cooperative Ventures and the Role of Government in the Knowledge-Based Economy: Policy Issues for Canada and Beyond. Published by the Centre for Japanese Research (KBE Project), University of British Columbia. 2002. 326 pages. Includes index. ISBN 0-88865-758-7. Order form.

Susan Fisher (Ed.), Nostalgic Journeys: Literary Pilgrimages between Japan and the West
Institute of Asian Research, University of British Columbia. 2001. 194 pages. ISBN 0-88865-750-1.
This volume is dedicated to the late Professor Kinya Tsuruta (1932-1999). Photo of the book.
Ordering information: price $24.95 Cdn plus GST and shipping charges.
Please send your order to: The Institute of Asian Research, University of British Columbia, 251-1855 West Mall, Vancouver, B.C. V6T 1Z2, Canada.
For inquiry please call Marietta Lao: tel. (604) 822-2746; fax: (604) 822-5207; Email: mlao@interchange.ubc.ca

David Edgington (Ed.), Joining Past and Future: Japan at the Millenium, University of British Columbia Press. 2004.

Books published by former CJR colleagues

W.Mark Fruin, Kikkoman: Company, Clan, and Community, Harvard University Press, 1983.

Michael Gerlach (Ed.), Alliance Capitalism: The Social Organization of Japanese Business, University of California Press, 1992.

W.Mark Fruin, The Japanese Enterprise System : Competitive Strategies and Cooperative Structures, Oxford University Press, 1994.

W.Mark Fruin, Knowledge Works: Managing Intellectual Capital at Toshiba, Oxford University Press, 1997.

W.Mark Fruin (Ed.), Networks, Markets, and the Pacific Rim : Studies in Strategy, Oxford University Press, 1998.

Jeffrey Liker, W.Mark Fruin and Paul Adler (Eds.), Remade in America: Transplanting & Transforming Japanese Management Systems, Oxford University Press, 1999.

Kunitoshi Suyenaga, Ohmi Shonin (The Ohmi Merchant), Chuko Shinsho, Chuo Koron, Tokyo, 2000.

CJR Research Paper Series

#93-1. Kotaro Suzumura. Exemption Systems from Antimonopoly Law and Other Anti-Competitive Measures in Japan: Overview and Evaluation.

#94-1. Martin Kenny, Jairo Romoro and Dae Won Choi. Japanese and Korean Investment in the Maquiladora: What Role in Global Commodity Chains?

#94-2. Bruce Stronach. Nationalism in Contemporary Japan.

#95-1. Yoshiko Shimada. Past Imperfect: Women, War and the Japanese Emperor System.

#95-2. Colin Noble. White Collar Workers and the Foreign Worker "Problem" in Japan.

#95-3. Joshua Mostow. Translating Imperialism: The Emperor System, Waka and its English Translation.

#95-4. Isao Soranaka. Obama: The Rise and Fall of a Seaport in Pre-Industrial Japan.

#95-5. John de Gruchy. The Institutionalization of Japanisme in Britain: from Aestheticism to Modernism.

#96-1. Bob Korkie and Masao Nakamura. Block Holding and Keiretsu in Japan: the Effects of Capital Markets Liberalization Measures on the Stock Market. Published in the Journal of International Money and Finance, Vol. 16, 113-140, February 1997.

#96-2. Takanobu Nakajima, Masao Nakamura and Kanji Yoshioka. The Sources of Total Factor Productivity Growth, Japanese Manufacturing, 1964-1988. Forthcoming in the Japanese Economic Review.

#96-3. Hideki Yoshihara. Immature Japanese Multinationals.

#96-4. Hitoshi Hayami, Masao Nakamura, Mikio Suga and Kanji Yoshioka. Environmental Management in Japan: Applications of Input-Output Analysis to the Emission of Global Warming Gases. Published in Managerial and Decision Economics, Vol. 18, 195-208, March 1997.

#98-1. Katsura Nakano. Corporate Shareholding in Japan: Empirical Testing.

#98-2. Isao Soranaka. Kumiya: The Wide World of a Maritime Trader in Sixteenth Century Japan.

#00-1. Isao Soranaka. Periphery Revisited, Obama: A Forgotten Seaport in Pre-Modern Japan.

#02-1. Carl Mosk. Modern Japan's Path to Global Integration: The Competing Pulls of Diffusion of Innovation, International Migration, and Trade


Asia Pacific: Local Knowledge versus Western Theory

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