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Research Grants



CJR Research Funding for faculty and Graduate Students

The deadline for submissions has passed

Thank you for your interest!

We hope to offer more small grants in the coming fiscal year.


CJR Guidelines

  • Research Grants
  • Visiting Scholars

CJR Research Grants

Grants are only supplemental in nature. The Centre for Japanese Research is not a granting agency and cannot fund entire projects (faculty research or PhD theses).

The following guidelines for CJR research grants were unanimously approved by CJR members in January, 2000, updated in October 2002 and again in September 2005, and are currently operational.

Selection of Research Grant Proposals

January 16, 2000; October 25, 2002; September 7, 2005; May 22, 2012

The CJR research grant committee in general follows the guidelines approved by members of the CJR.

Members of the CJR may alter the guidelines from time to time to keep them up-to-date with respect to the CJR priorities.

The guidelines consist of two parts. Part A deals with faculty research grants. Part B deals with research grants for graduate students working on their Ph.D. theses. The total amounts available for Parts A and B, respectively, are determined by members of CJR before the first call for applications is made. Additional research funds may be allocated to Parts A and B as they become available. Recipients of these grants are expected to provide acknowledgment on the work supported by the grants.

Due to IAR budgetary arrangements, CJR grants can only be spent in the fiscal year following the academic year they were granted. Specific instructions will be included in a call for proposals.

Part A. Faculty Research

Full-time UBC faculty members are eligible for applying for a research grant from this source. Full-time faculty members may also apply for research funding for joint research projects involving members of the CJR who are not full-time faculty members.

Faculty are encouraged to apply for SSHRC Research Grants and UBC small grants and/or UBC travel grants, as well as to other sources of funding. The CJR research grants should not be regarded as substitutes for these grants. [Please note: applicants are required to apply to UBC-HSS small grants and/or UBC-HSS travel grants, where appropriate, before applying for CJR research grants.] However, insofar as CJR grants may be viewed as seed money for a new project or supplementary aid towards completion of an on-going research objective, faculty who have received external grants will be eligible for CJR grants.

CJR grants have generally fallen in two categories and these will remain funding priorities in future competitions:

  1. seed money for new projects; and
  2. various research, publication and dissemination costs typically not covered by other grants.

These guidelines will be distributed to the members of the CJR, together with a call for proposals for funds from this source.

A proposal requesting for funding should not exceed two double spaced pages and should contain the budget, research grants held or applied for and other relevant information for the committee's assessment. If necessary, some supporting documents may be attached.

Those who apply for the first time will have higher priorities, provided that submitted proposals are of acceptable quality. In allocating funds, lower priority will be given to applicants who have received funds previously, especially in immediately preceding competitions or in larger amounts.

The committee may provide partial funding in case full funding of all meritorious projects is not possible.

If there are remaining funds after the first round of competition, a second call will be made for proposals.

Part B. Research Funding for Graduate Students

Graduate students in Ph.D. programs at UBC who are carrying out their thesis research related to Japan may apply for funding from this source.

Applications for graduate student research support must come from faculty members of the CJR.

A proposal requesting for funding should not exceed two double spaced pages and should contain the budget and other relevant information for the committee's assessment. If necessary, some supporting document may be attached.

SSHRC approved expenses that result from research travel will be considered eligible.

CJR Visiting Scholars Policy

CJR Welcomes Visiting Scholars, but due to space constraints, CJR is only able to offer Visiting Scholars desk space under exceptional circumstances.

Visiting Scholars shall be charged $120/month for their affiliation (including library and internet access).

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