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Events and Seminars


CKR Seminar Series, September 2013 - April, 2014

Friday, 3:30-5:00 PM, C.K. Choi Building Conference Room #120
April 20             Hyunji Lee (IAR Research Associate)
                           "Social Movements and the Political Polarization of South Korea and Taiwan"
March 13          HwaSook Nam (University of Washington)
                            “Making Sense of a Worker Self-Immolation in 1970s South Korea”
February 27      Andrew Yeo (Catholic University of America)
                            “The Scope of Foreign Engagement in the DPRK, 1995-2012”
January 23        Suzy Kim (Rutgers University)
                             “Modern Times in North Korea: Scenes from the Founding Years”   
January 9       UBC Korea Forum "Vision Talk"
November 28    Mi-Ryong Shim (Pacific University)
                              “The Return of the Native: Japan’s Wartime Pan-Asianism and the Aesthetic Production of              “Korea” in Yi Hyo-sŏk’s Late Colonial Writings”
October 3           Scott Snyder (Council on Foreign Relations)
                             “The US ROK Alliance and the US Rebalance to Asia”
September 26   Lucien Brown (University of Oregon, Eugene)
                             "Towards a Multimodal Analysis of Korean Honorific Speech”
 April 4                Jong-Sung Yoo (University of California, San Diego)
                             “The Origin of the Developmental State in South Korea: A Reexamination of the Park Chung-hee Myth”
 March 14           Sun-Joo Kim (Harvard University)
                             “Rise of a Regional Subjectivity in Chosŏn Korea”
 March 7              UBC Centre for Korean Research (CKR) & UBC Music Department

                             King and the Clown - UBC Chan Centre



February 28       Jeff Bayliss (Hartford Trinity College, Connecticut)

                         "Korea Conquers the World": Son Kijŏng, Sports Nationalism, and the Problem of the Victorious Colonial in Imperial Japan"



                             Joshua Pilzer (University of Toronto)

                             "Introducing Hearts of Pine: Songs in the Lives of Three Korean Survivors of the Japanese 'Comfort Women'"



November 6      Troy Stangarone (KEI) and Ian Rinehart (Congressional Research Service)

                            " Limited Options: Handling the Provocation and Charm Offensive Cycles of North Korea's Diplomacy"




November 1        Seong Bin Hwang (Rikkyo University) and Dal Yong Jin (Simon Fraser University)

                              "Hallyu in the "Cool Japan": Japanese Responses to Korean Popular Culture from Industrial

                               and Political Perspectives"

                              "How to Understand Cultural Globalization of Korean Cinema in the New Korean Wave Era"



October 11         Dafna Zur (Stanford University)

                            "Artless song through Cherry Lips: writing the child in colonial Korea" 



October 4          Christine Kim (Georgetown University)

                            "'Masterpiece of Korean Art' (1957-1959) and the Cold War Politics of Antiquities"







CKR Seminar Series, September 2011 - April, 2013 

Friday, 3:30-5:00 PM, C.K. Choi Building Conference Room #120


February 28              UBC Centre for Korean Research (CKR) & UBC Institute of Asian Research (IAR)

                                    "2012 South Korean Presidential Election"

         Read more




January 25                Karin J. Lee (National Committe on North Korea)

                                    "The Two Koreas, President Obama’s Second Term and the 113th Congress"

         Read more



November 2              CKR, UBC, and the Consulate General of the Republic  Korea

                                    "Northeast Asia in Transition: Challenges and Opportunities"

                                     Celebrating 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations

                                     Between Canada and Korea

         Read More 



October 24               Ralph Cossa (National Defense University)

                                   "Alternative Avenues of Engagement With North Korea and for Peace in Northeast

        Read More



September 26         Joel Stephen Wit (Johns Hopkins University)

                                   "Can the US Pick Up the Pieces of its Failed North Korea Policy?"

         Read More



March 23                  Ambassador Joon-Woo Park (Stanford University)

                                   "Territorial Disputes in East Asia: Origins and the U.S. Responsibility"

         Read More



February 03              Luke Kang (Walt Disney Company Korea)

                                   "Korean Media 'Big Bang'"

         Read More



November 25          Millie Creighton (University of British Columbia)

                                   "Korean Kid's Edutainment: Consumer, Gender and Nationality

                                    Socialization in Korean Children's Marketing and Children's Books"

         Read More



October 20               Nicholas Hamisevicz (Korea Economic Institute)

                                   "U.S. Approaches to New Leadership in the Koreas"

        Read More





CKR Seminar Series, September 2010 - April, 2011

Friday, 3:30-5:00 PM, C.K. Choi Building Conference Room #120
April 8                  Michael Namkil Kim (University of Southern California)   
                           "Apprehensional Modal in Korean: (u)I-kka poa"


March 11             Grace M. Cho (City University of New York)
                          "Haunting the Korean Diaspora: Shame, Secrecy, and the Forgotten War"    
March 4               John Everard (Stanford University)
                           "Inside North Korea"
February 25             Tun-jen Cheng (College of William and Mary)
                                   "Political Discontent in East Asian Emerging Democracies"
January 28               Wayne Patterson (St. Norbert College)
                                   "Maritime Customs and Sino-Korean Relations: New Perspectives on
                                   Korea's "Chinese Decade""
January 14               Sang-young Rhyu (Yonsei University)
                                   "The Politics of Informal Networks in Japan and Korea:
                                   Amakudari and Parachute Appointment"
November 19          Bruce Klingner (Heritage Foundation)
                                   "US Policy Toward North Korea"
November 12          Kirk Larsen (Brigham Young University)
                                   "History Matters: the Koguryo/Gaogouli Controversy and Identity in East Asia"
October 29               Barry Carin (University of Victoria)
                                   "The Seoul G20: Opportunities for Canadian/Korean Cooperation"
September 30         Laurel Kendall (University of Texas at Austin)
                                   Co-sponsored with Department of Anthropology
                                   "Shamans, Nostalgias,and the IMF: South Korean Popular Religion in Motion"


September 21         Mike Chinoy (University of Southern California)
                                   "The North Korea Crisis: A Dangerous Stalemate"



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