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Graduate Students in Korean Studies


Kyung-hyo Choen, Ph.D. in Anthropology (Korean Culture)


Kyuhoon Cho, Ph.D. in Asian Studies (Korean Religions and Globalization)

Kyuhoon Cho is completing his doctoral thesis titled “Appropriation of Religion: The Re-formation of the Korean Notion of Religion in Global Society.” From a global comparative perspective, his dissertation delves into the change in the “official” notion of religion in the public sphere of Korean society, by focusing on the discursive construction on religion in connection with such modern ideologies as nationalism, democracy, and the rise of multiple modernities within the legal, educational, and mass media systems of post-democratization South Korea.


Aaron Francis, M.A. in Ethnomusicology (Korean Traditional Music)

Aaron’s MA thesis explored folk melodies of the taepyeongso, a Korean double-reed instrument (Drinking Straws and Shaman Melodies: a Historical and Analytical Study of the Taepyeongso, 2008). Aaron's current interests include Korean language, shaman ritual music, Indian ragas, devotionalism, children's songs, storytelling, and early childhood literacy.


Mina Hattori, M.A. in Asian Studies (Korean Literature)

Mina is currently enrolled as a master's student in UBC Asian Studies. Her research interest include Korean language and historical sociolinguistics.


Spencer Jentzsch, M.A. in Asian Studies (Korean Studies)

Spencer is currently doing an M.A. on Korean linguistics with specific focus on pedagogy, honorifics, and language policy. 


Dongkyu Kim, Ph.D. in Asian Studies (Korean Shamanism and Culture)


Eunson Kim, M.A. in Asian Studies (Korean Linguistics)


Hyuk-chan Kwon, Ph.D. in Asian Studies (Chinese and Korean Literature)


Hyunji Lee, Ph.D. in Political Science (International Politics)


Jaewon Kim, M.A. in Asian Studies (Korean Language Policy)


Jane Lee, M.A. in Women's and Gender Studies (Korean Women)

Jane Hwajoo Lee is an MA Candidate at the Centre for Women’s and Gender Studies at the University of British Columbia. Her research interests are in the areas of Korean Canadian community, Koreatown, racial/spatial anxiety, and critical multiculturalism. Jane is currently completing her thesis, which will examine Vancouver’s Koreatown in relation to Canada’s multicultural policies.


Seonok Lee, Ph.D. in Sociology (Multiculturalism)

Seonok Lee is a Ph.D. Student in the Department of Sociology. She is currently researching the relationship between the changing characteristics and understandings of multiculturalism and the expansion of temporary worker programs in Canada and South Korea. Her research interests include Immigration and Transnationalism, Labour Migration, Multicuturalism, Social Movements, Labour Relations, Class, and Gender and Race.


Jeehun Kim, M.A. in Asian Studies (Korean Language Education)


Sang-eun (Shally) Lee, M.A. in Asian Studies (Korean Religion)

Sang-eun (Shally) Lee is an M.A. candidate in the Department of Asian Studies (Korean Literature).  Shally’s thesis will focus on Kim Tong-ni and different spiritualities portrayed in his literary works.  Shalley’s research interests include: spiritualities in modern Korean literary works, Shamanism/native spirituality in Korean Christianity, modern Korean literature in translation, and Canadian adolescence education.


Sung Sook Lim, Ph.D. in Anthropology (Korean Diaspora)

Sung-Sook Lim is currently working on Sakhalin Koreans' migration to South Korea and the impacts of the migration on the ethnic Korean community on Sakhalin Island (Russia). Her research interests involve transnationalism, migration, kinship (gender), history, and the lives of Korean diasporas in relation to the political changes of Northeast Asia.

Leif Olsen, Ph.D. in Asian Studies (Korean Literature)

Leif Olsen is an MA student in Korean literature at UBC. He is currently translating work by Kim Ch'ae-won, So Ha-jin, and Hwang Sog-yong.


Jeongeun Park, Ph.D. in Asian Studies (Korean Buddhism)

Jeongeun Park is a PhD student in Asian Studies at UBC. Her main research interest is in Korean Buddhism during the colonial period, focusing on colonialism, modernity and post-colonialism.

Unsok Pek, Ph.D. in Asian Studies (Korean Thought and Culture)


Franklin Rausch, Ph.D. in Asian Studies (Korean Christianity and Religion)

Franklin Rausch is researching Korean religion, specifically Catholicism during the late Choson dynasty. He is interested in the relationship between violence, nation, state, and religion. He is studying these issues through the lives of two Korean Catholics: Hwang Sayong (1775-1801), and An Chunggun (1879-1910).

Guy Shababo, M.A. in Asian Studies (Korean Language)

Guy ‘s MA thesis was on the Korean Neo-Confucain scholar T’oegye (1501–1570) and the question of religious language. He is currently an MA student, and interested indiagrammatic treatise (tosŏl) used by during Chosŏn Neo Confucian scholars. He is also interested in the influence of Neo Confucain thought on new religious movements in Korea.


Jeonghye Son, Ph.D. in Asian Studies (Korean Language Education)


William Wells, M.A. in Asian Studies (Korean Studies)


Elena Yugai, MA in History (Korean Diaspora in the Soviet Union)

Elena Yugai is an MA candidate at the Department of History.  Her research interests are in the history of the Korean diaspora in the Soviet Union, Soviet ethnic relations and nationality politics, migrant identity and collective memory. 


Guy Shababo, M.A. in Asian Studies (Korean Thought and Religion)

Guy is a PhD student in Asian Studies at UBC. His research interests include Chosŏn Neo-Confucian, Korean religions and spirituality, and the and visualization of knowledge in later Chosŏn. His current research project is on the life and thought of Yun Hyu (1617 – 1680).

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