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Participation in the IAR and Broader Intellectual Community

We regard the participation of MAAPPS students in IAR activities and the broader intellectual community as an important element in students' graduate education.

MAAPPS students should be sure to attend at least ten academic lectures, talks, workshops, or conferences as part of IAR 500 in their first year of enrolment.  Students should reflect on these lectures in short reaction memoranda to be submitted to their respective supervisors at the end of Term 1 and Term 2 of IAR 500.

At least seven of the ten lectures should be focused on a geographic area other than the student's own emphasis. Areas of coverage need not necessarily fall within the Asia Pacific region.

Three talks can be found and viewed on-line, though they should be of an equivalent length, nature and quality as academic presentations on campus.

Students may find the talks given under the auspices of the IAR and its constituent centres and programs of particular use, but they are also encouraged to seek out information about lecture series and individual speakers in other UBC units and beyond. Some of the units that organize lectures of interest to students may be: 

Reflections should be no longer than 1,000 words each. Memoranda might reflect on the particular usefulness of given lectures or their links to students' own areas of substantive interest. Reflections might also focus on specific policy implications that could be deduced from presentations or on any links to students' internships or theses. Students will be responsible for submitting these reflections before the end of both terms. Students' reflections should be accompanied by a list of the lectures they attended.  Students' memoranda require the approval of the supervisor. No grades will be registered for IAR 500 until these memoranda are submitted and approved.

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