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Knowledge Bank and Language Repository Project

The IAR has provided seed funding for the development of a comprehensive treasury of Tibetan language materials, accessible from the Internet and freely readable, searchable, and retrievable by anyone regardless of his/her location in the world. It will cover such thematic areas as:

  • Tibetan traditional medicine
  • Dictionaries and reference sources
  • Buddhist studies
  • Folk tales, mythology, epic literature
  • Studies on Bon
  • Politics and government
  • Muslim, Christian and other groups in Tibet.

The intention of the project is to make the content of the site broadly based and not limited in its usefulness to any particular special-interest group or organization.

Chinese National Integration Policy Project

This SSHRC funded project is a collaborative initiative that seeks to examine how Chinese policy on national integration is informed by local conditions in Tibet, Xinjiang and Taiwan and, in turn, how these policies are interpreted and received locally.

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