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Striving for a Broader Understanding
Welcome to the home page of the APEC Research Information Network (APECRIN) housed in the Institute for Asian Research (IAR) at the University of British Columbia (UBC). Under the direction of Drs. Terry McGee and John Price, APECRIN's mandate is to act as a forum for the exchange and dissemination of research and analysis on APEC.
As Canada will be hosting this year's meeting of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation forum, researchers at the IAR saw the need to develop a more profound understanding of how APEC works and the implications it will have for humanitarian issues in the Asia Pacific region. In order to do this, APECRIN has assembled an interdisciplinary group of researchers and graduate students from a number of Canadian universities in order to promote more critical awareness of APEC and the profound effects it will have on people's lives. While APECRIN welcomes input from all individuals and organizations that have an interest in APEC, APECRIN is primarily concerned with those issues which have traditionally been the purview of the NGO community.
Below, visitors will find a rich array of resources which have been assembled by APECRIN. These include a comprehensive bibliography, a series of internet links to other APEC-related sites, an agenda of upcoming seminars and discussions hosted by APECRIN, as well as information on the upcoming People's Summit here in Vancouver.
APECRIN welcomes comments and questions from all interested parties. Please feel free to e-mail us your questions, concerns (and comments/suggestions for our home page) to the e-mail address listed at the bottom of this page.
As this page is presently under construction, regular visitors will see it undergo a variety of exciting transformations. So visit often!
Bibliography of Sources, Research and Analysis on APEC
Bibliography: Developed from the Working Paper on APEC
APECRIN's Upcoming Events
Official site of the 1997 People's Summit
Canada and APEC: Why We're In, Why It Matters
APEC:  What is it?

 For more information, contact apecrin@interchange.ubc.ca

Alternatively, feel free to contact Dr. John Price or Xavier Furtado, APECRIN's Graduate Research Associate, at 604-822-3937.

Last modified on: June 20, 1997 :CJG


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