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Joint IAR-APFC Globalization Research Project

The Institute of Asian Research has been awarded a three-year strategic research grant by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada to study globalization and social cohesion in Asia. The Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada has joined the project as a policy partner to participate in the research and policy analysis. Research Institutes in Asia, including the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, Singapore's East Asian Institute and the Centre of Asian Studies at the University of Hong Kong will also join in the research.

The project will generate data, analysis and policy proposals on the ways in which social cohesion is affected by the interplay between globalization and local social, economic and political conditions. It will entail collection and analysis of archival and field data to build a set of matrix profiles for Australia, China, Indonesia, Japan, Korea and Sri Lanka. The project will examine the interaction among three categories of project variables: (1) reception of globalization, namely the extent to which material and ideological features of globalization are evident in local communities; (2) local differentiation, namely the extent of conformity and diversity in social, economic and political relations in local communities; and  (3) social disorder, namely the instances and circumstances of breakdowns in social order in local communities. The project will generate policy proposals on globalization and social cohesion for dissemination to interested stakeholders in Canada and Asia.  It is hoped that the project will strengthen understanding of the policy requirements for building and protecting social cohesion in Asia and in Canada. The project has the potential for significant impact on the intellectual discourse of social cohesion, as well as aiding policy makers in pursing sustainable development policies aimed at protecting social cohesion under conditions of globalization.
The project's principal investigator is IAR Director  Pitman B. Potter. Leading APFC's team is Chief Economist and Vice President for Research Yuen Pau Woo. A program of stakeholder policy briefings will be presented during the final year of this research project.


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