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Faculty Profile

Hyung Gu Lynn

Institute of Asian Research
University of British Columbia
1855 West Mall, Vancouver, B.C., Canada, V6T 1Z2
Tel: (604) 822-1277
Fax: (604) 822-5207
E-mail: enquiry@pacificaffairs.ubc.ca

AECL/KEPCO Chair in Korean Research
Associate Professor
Editor, Pacific Affairs

I. Biography

Hyung Gu LYNN is the AECL/KEPCO Chair in Korean Research at the Institute of Asian Research, University of British Columbia, located in Vancouver, Canada. He is also the Editor for the journal Pacific AffairsPacific Affairs is an independent, interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal that has been published continuously since 1928.  For further details, please visit the journal’s website at www.pacificaffairs.ubc.ca  

His research focuses mainly on a variety of issues in Korea and Japan, ranging in chronological coverage from the late-19th century to the present, and in subject matter from international relations to visual culture. He received his Ph.D. from Harvard University and his MA and BA from the University of British Columbia. Prior to joining the IAR in 2002, Dr. Lynn held positions at Hitotsubashi University and Hanyang University. More recently, Dr. Lynn has been a visiting professor at Kyushu University and Seoul National University.

II. Publications

A. Book

Bipolar Orders: The Two Koreas Since 1989 (London: Zed Books, 2007)

image of book cover

Ordine bipolare: Le due Coree dal 1989 (Roma: EDT, 2009). Italian version of Bipolar Orders.

B. Articles, Book Chapters (Selected)

Ethnicity, Nationalism, and Migration in East Asia.”  Co-authored with Apichai Shipper, and Eunice Kang.  In Robert A. Denemark, ed., International Studies Compendium Project (Oxford: Blackwell, forthcoming). 

“Migration Theory and Rural Migration in the Japanese Empire.”  Kankoku kenkyū senta- nenpō, No. 7 (2008): 1-17 (Japanese).

“History of Gendered Migration in the Two Koreas.”  Harvard Asia Quarterly, Vol. 11, No. 1 (Winter 2008): 16-31.

“Chūō Chōsen Kyōkai and Policy-Making in Colonial Korea.”  In Matsuda Toshihiko, ed., Nihon no Chōsen, Taiwan shihai to shokuminchi kanryō  (Kyoto: Kokusai Nihon bunka kenkyū senta-, 2008), pp. 325-339 (Japanese).

“Moving Pictures: Postcards of Colonial Korea.”  International Institute of Asian Studies Newsletter, No. 44 (Summer 2007): 8-9.

Vicarious Traumas: Television and Public Opinion in Japan’s North Korea Policy.” Pacific Affairs, Vol. 79, No. 3 (Fall 2006): 482-508.

“Indigi-nation: Politics of being/becoming indigenous in Malaysia, New Zealand, and Canada.” APRU Working Paper (2005). 

“Malthusian Dreams, Colonial Imaginary: The Oriental Development Company and Emigration to Korea.” In Caroline Elkins and Susan Pedersen, eds., Settler Colonialism in the Twentieth Century: Projects, Practices and Legacies (London: Routledge, 2005), pp. 25-40.

“Fashioning Modernity: Changing Meanings of Clothing in Colonial Korea.” Journal of International and Area Studies, Vol. 12, No. 1 (Spring 2005), pp. 75-93. Article

Globalisation and Culture in the Asia-Pacific.” Media Times Review (February 2005). 

“Powering the Ignorant Eye: Aesthetic Value and Korean Film.” Harvard Asia Pacific Review, Vol. 8, Issue 1 (Fall 2004): 22-25. Article

“Antinomies of Distance and Desire: Epistemology of Korean History in North America,” (Korean), Yoksa pip’yông (Critical History Review), (Spring 2004), pp. 159-179. Article

“Systemic Lock: The Institutionalization of History in Post-1965 South Korea-Japan Relations.” The Journal of American East Asian Relations, Vol. 9, No. 1-2 (Spring/Summer 2000), pp. 55-84. Article

“Industrial Surveys and Statistical Systems in Colonial Korea.” In Hwang In-sang, and Odaka Konosuke, eds, Long-term Economic Statistics of Korea (Tokyo: Hitotsubashi University, Institute of Economic Research, 2000), pp. 267-286.

“Politics and Knowledge: The Tōyō Kyōkai’s  Informational and Political Projects, 1900-1945.”Takudai hyakunenshi kenkyû, No. 1-2 (April 1999), pp. 1-32.

“Ariyoshi Chūchi and Colonial Period Korea.” Transactions of the International Conference of Eastern Studies, No. 43 (1998), pp. 73-89. Article

“A Comparative Study of Tōyō Kyōkai and Nanyō Kyōkai.” In Harald Fuess, ed., The Japanese Empire and its Legacies (Munich: Iudicium Verlag, 1998), pp. 65-95. Article

III. Recent Presentations (Selected)

 “Litmus Tests: South Korea’s Refugee Policy.”  Conference: “Migration and Identities in Asia.”  Yonsei University, Seoul, 2009.05.07-08.

“Afterthoughts and Counterpoints: British Perceptions of the South Korean Economy in the 1960s.”  Conference: “Korean Society and Economy in the 1960s.”  International Center for Korean Studies, Seoul National University, Seoul, 2009.02.23.

“Humpty Dumpty’s Hermeneutics: Pretexts and Contexts of the Study of ‘Asian’ Popular Culture.”  Conference: “Global East Asia: Media, Popular Culture, and the Pacific Century.”  Rochester University, Rochester, 2009.02.06-07.

“Narcissus at the Pool? Desiring Cool Japan.”  Conference: “Cultural Power Asia: Producing Culture, Building Identities,” Center for Interdisciplinary Studies on East Asia, Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University, Frankfurt, 2008.11.11-13.

“Fashioning the Visual: Selves, Spaces, and Images in the Modern World.”  Workshop: “Fashioning the World,” University of Alberta, Edmonton, 2008.08.18-20.

“Kuleshov Effects: Beijing Olympics and the History of Asia in the Olympics.”  Workshop: “Staging the Beijing Olympics: Visions, Tensions, Dreams.”  Centre for Chinese Research, UBC, 2008.05.12.

“Love Thy Doppelganger: Images of North Korea in South Korean Films.”  Conference: “Popular Culture Flows in Northeast Asia,” UBC, Institute of Asian Research, 2008.02.22-23.

“Bipolar Orders and Uneven Developments: The Two Koreas in World History since 1989.”  Panel on “Global History of the Present,” American Historical Association, Annual Meeting, Washington DC, 2008.01.05.

“Migration Theory and Agricultural Migration in the Japanese Empire.”  Kyushu University, Research Center for Korean Studies, Fukuoka 2007.11.09 (Japanese)

“Tesseracts into Futures Past: Photography in Modern Korean History, 1871-1953.” Invited Lecture, Harvard University, Peabody Museum, 2006.03.22.

“The Golden Calf and Other Obscure Objects of Desire: Clothing and the Covered/ Exposed Body in Colonial Seoul.” Conference, “Urban Culture in Colonial Korea,” UBC, 2006.02.18-19.

“Ariyoshi Chūichi  and Colonial Korea.” Conference on “Colonialism in Korea,” Kyushu University, Korea Institute, 2005.12.18-19 (Japanese).

“Neo Geo? Ethnicity, Nationalism and the Digital Age in the Asia Pacific.” Invited Lecture, “Sixth Association of Pacific Rim Universities Fellows Program,” UBC and University of Malaysia, 2005.08.15-28.

“Malthusian Dreams, Colonial Imaginary: the Japanese Rural Migration to Colonial Korea.” Invited Lecture, Bristol University, Colonial Worlds Lecture Series, 2005.04.28.

“Bridging Troubled Waters? Popular Culture in South Korea-Japan Relations, 1965-2004.” Invited Lecture, Bristol University, East Asian Seminar Series, 2005.04.25.

“Vicarious Traumas: Mass Media and Current North Korea-Japan Relations.” Conference on “Japan, East Asia and the Formation of North Korea Policy,” European Institute of Japanese Studies at Stockholm School of Economics and the Swedish Institute of International Affairs, Stockholm, Sweden, 2005.03.18-21.

“Parsing of the Seas: Politics of South Korea-Japan Maritime Relations, 1965-2004.” Fourth International Congress of Maritime History, Greece, 2004.06.22-27.

“Vicarious Traumas: Popular Media and Current North Korea-Japan Relations.” Invited Lecture, Royal Institute of International Affairs, Chatham House, 2004.06.03.

“Formaldehyde for the Future: Popular Culture in South Korea-Japan Relations, 1965-2005.” Invited Lecture, Oxford University, Nissan Institute, 2004.05.31.

“Antinomies of Distance and Desire: Epistemology of Korean History in North America.” Conference, “Korea in Asia: The State of the Field,” Georgetown University, 2004.05.13-15.

“Past and the Future in Present Korea-Japan Relations, 1965-2004.” Invited Lecture, Seoul National University, Graduate School of International and Area Studies, 2004.02.24 (Korean).

IV. Recent Courses Taught (Selected)

Master of Arts Asia Pacific Policy Studies

IAR 500 Gender and Development 
IAR 506 Globalization and Culture in the Asia-Pacific
IAR 515 Colonialisms/ Postcolonialisms

V. Recent Grants and Awards (Selected)

SSHRC Standard Research Grant
Visiting Research Professorship, Kyushu University, Research Center for Korean Studies 
Benjamin Meeker Fellow, Bristol University 
Association of Pacific Rim Universities Sixth Fellows Paper Award

Korea Research Foundation
Japan Foundation
Asia Research Fund
Association for Asian Studies, Northeast Asia Council
Hampton Large Grant,
Peter Wall Institute, Early Career Scholar 


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