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Institute Associates

Directors of Area Research Centres


Honorary Professors

Faculty Associates

Research Associates

Honorary Research Associates


Directors of Area Research Centres

Timothy Cheek, Centre for Chinese Research

Mandakranta Bose, Centre for India and South Asia Research

Christina Laffin, Centre for Japanese Research

Shige Matsui, Centre for Japanese Research

Kyung-Ae Park, Centre for Korean Research

Nathan Hesselink, Centre for Korean Research

Abidin Kusno, Centre for Southeast Asia Research

Kai Ostwald, Centre for Southeast Asia Research


Mandakranta Bose Profile

Terry McGee Profile

Yunshik Chang

John Wood profile

Sam Ho

Dan Overmyer Profile

Diana Lary Profile







Honorary Professors

Jack AustinCanadian politician and member of the Canadian Senate 1975-2007

Louis Cha, Chinese culture and literature



Robert E. BedeskiProfessor Emeritus, Department of Political Science at UVic. Human Security and Peace, and Asian and Pacific Studies

Earl Drake profile, Former senior public servant and diplomat with ambassadorial-level postings to China, Indonesia and World Bank


Joseph CaronFormer senior public servant and diplomat with ambassadorial postings in Japan, China and India.
















 Faculty Associates

Chris BennettInternational resource economics and institutions, project monitoring and evaluation; work experience with bilateral and multilateral donors, the private sector and Non-Government Organizations, primarily in Indonesia, and for shorter periods in China, Laos, Malaysia and Vietnam

Rebecca Chau profileJapanese linguistics with a focus on speech acts and modality and its application in language teaching

David Edgington profile Japanese urban and regional development; Japanese international trade and overseas investment; Australia and New Zealand

Hani FarisMiddle East politics, conflict resolution & political development

Michael Leaf profile, Urbanization and planning in cities of developing countries, with particular interest in Asian cities

Li Xiaojun profile, An institutional explanation of China's accession to the world trade organization

Anne Murphy profileHistorical formation of religious communities in Punjab and northern South Asia, with particular but not exclusive attention to the Sikh tradition

Adheesh Sathaye profileEarly medieval Sanskrit drama, aesthetics, and narrative literature. Doctoral research involved the Sanskrit epics, Marathi devotional performance traditions, and theories of textual production, performance, and folkloristics

Ian Townsend-Gault profileInternational Law of the Sea; Maritime Co-operation; Marine Environmental Protection; International Law of Human Rights; International Justice Issues

Mark Turin profilelanguage conservation, documentation and endangerment; mapping cultural diversity; oral traditions and digital ethnography; the Himalayan region (particularly in Nepal, northern India and Bhutan) and First Nations Languages in the Pacific Northwest

Research Associates

Honorary Research Associates

Vidyut Aklujkar (CISAR), Indic belles lettres in general and saint poetry, particularly Marathi,Hindi, English and Sanskrit; creative writing and translation of literature, religious studies/philosophy

Hyunji Lee (IAR),Public opinion and policies about issues that entail risk and uncertainty; impacts of parties and electoral systems on policy-making (S. Korea and Taiwan); and gender differences in public opinion


Mustafa Alam (CISAR), Development economics, with special interest in integrated water resources management, climate change impacts and adaptation measures

Wenbin Peng (IAR), Cultural nationalism & regionalism, and ethnicity in China; popular culture and travel/tourism representation;
history of Eastern Tibet and Tibetan pilgrimage; social construction of time and space


Alison Bailey (CCR) profileIntersections between the individual and the state in Chinese culture; soft power, media, film, CSR; Canada-China relations

Jim Placzek (CSEAR), South East Asian ethnic origins and culture history, Theravada Buddhism and Thai language


Kate G. Frieson (CSEAR), Cambodian political history, democratization and decentralization, and gender equity

.Richard Paisley (IAR), International water and energy law, international environmental law, negotiations and environmental conflict resolution


Neelu Kang-Dhaliwal (CISAR), Women's movement, Women organizations, violence against women, south Asian diaspora, Inter-cultural marriages, village improvement.

Hayes, Jack Patrick (CCR), China Environmental Science and Sustainability


Gordon Longmuir (CSEAR),Canada's strategic interests in South (mainly India) and Southeast Asia (special expertise in Cambodia)

Yuko Shibata (CJR),Overseas Japanese and immigrant experiences in Canada, i.e., language and culture, shifting identities, Nikkei (Japanese Canadian) women; adult socialization; and life narratives and writings

















Yuen Pau Woo
Senior Fellow in Public Policy
Asian economic issues; trade and investment policy; Canada-Asia relations

Gisèle Yasmeen 
Senior Fellow
South and Southeast Asia: urban foodscapes and food-security, economic empowerment (specifically women's microenterprises)


Michael Goldberg
Senior Fellow 
Urban transportation and urban land use; international real estate development; urban and regional economic development and governance.





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