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Finding a Practicum

It is the student's resposiblity to find and secure a practicum.  For a list of past placements that may help in the search, please review this document.

You may also find an internship opportunity by viewing job websites found on the Career Resources page.


Once you have secured a practicum placement you need to be registered in IAR 525.  To register in IAR 525, please download a form from the Resources tab and fill it out.  Then, send it to your supervisor and ask that it's sent onto the Graduate Program Advisor for approval.  The act of forwarding signals approval.  The Program Assistant will register you in the course.

Your supervisor will be the primary reader of your practicum report but you must also have a second reader.  It is your responsibility to ask another faculty member (IAR or other faculty) to be a second reader of your report.

It is also the student's responsibility to follow any rules and requirements on international travel as set out by UBC's Go Global program.

Practicum Paper

For guidance on writing and structuring your practicum paper, please review this document


Communication with your supervisor and second reader on the progress of your report is essential to completing it on time and before any deadelines.  As such, please work with your supervisor on the timeline of finishing your report and submitting it in time to complete your program and graduate.  The general process is to submit your first draft, make necessary changes or revisions based on comments from your supervisor and second reader and submit it to them again.  If you are trying to complete the report in time to graduate in either May or November be sure to allow enough time for the process of revisions and resubmission.

Once the report has been approved as final by your supervisor and second reader, you must submit a bound copy of the report to the MAAPPS Program office.  This is usually the final step in your program and once the report is received the Program Assistant will complete the paperwork confirming you have finished all requirements of the program.  Your grade will not be posted and your program will not be closed until the final approval has been given and the bound copy received.

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