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MAAPPS Admission & Application Details

Application Deadline & DOCUMENT SUBMISSION

  • AdmissionComplete applications must be received by January 15, 2014
  • All supporting documents must be received in the office prior to this date in order for an application to be marked complete and reviewed. 
  • Only applications that are complete on January 15, 2014 will be considered.
  • All documents are to be mailed to the Program Office at the following address:
    MAAPPS Program
    #253-1855 West Mall, UBC
    Vancouver, BC
    V6T 1Z2

To access the online application system, please visit http://www.grad.ubc.ca/prospective-students/application-admission/apply-online.

Admission Requirements and Prerequisites

  • Applicants must satisfy the academic admission requirements of the Faculty of Graduate Studies of a minimum of a B+ (76%)
  • Applicants also must have a sufficient background in area studies and/or social sciences to permit advanced research and analysis of policy issues relevant to the Asia and Pacific regions.
  • Fluency in a non-English language can be essential in conducting policy analysis and for policy-making careers.
  • Applicants must satisfy the English language admission standard set by the Faculty of Graduate Studies and the Institute of Asian Research.
  • Please note that if you intend to pursue a dual degree you must apply separately to and must be accepted by each program. Ensure that you check with either Law, Business or Planning for their admission requirements.

For more details on the admission process for Master's degree programs, go to Admission for Master's Degree, or visit the website of the Faculty of Graduate Studies.


  • Substantive preparation in Asia Paciific Policy Studies
  • Relevant professional experience
  • An excellent undergraduate record
  • Many MAAPPS students have a background in social sciences and/or area studies
  • Methodological training (esp. basic knowledge of statistical analysis) is particularly useful for advanced research and analysis of policy issues
  • Likewise, fluency in a non-English Asian language is clearly relevant to your preparation for the program
  • A statement of intent should detail applicants' qualifications

English Language Proficiency Requirement

Applicants with a degree from a university outside of Canada in which English is not the primary language of instruction must present evidence of competency to pursue studies in the English language prior to being extended an offer of admission. Note that test scores must have been taken within the last 24 months at the time of submission. Acceptable English language proficiency tests for applicants to graduate studies are:

  • TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language):
    • A minimum required score of 600 (paper version); 250 (computer version); 100 (Internet-based) is necessary for eligibility.
    • Official TOEFL score results must be sent to the Faculty of Graduate Studies (6371 Crescent Rd, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z2) directly from the Education Testing Service. Please ensure on the TOEFL test sheet that you use the University of British Columbia's institution code 0965, use the universal department code 99 and give the reason for taking TOEFL "to enter a college or university as a graduate student."
    • For more information on taking the TOEFL, contact: Educational Testing Service at: http://www.toefl.org
  • IELTS (International English Language Testing Service): minimum overall band score of 7.5 with no other component score less than 7.5. For more information, visit IELTS.
  • MELAB (Michigan English Language Assessment Battery): minimum overall score of 81. For more information, visit MELAB.


Two (2) sets of official transcripts for ALL post-secondary (College/ University/CEGEP (for Quebec residents)) institutions, including exchanges, summer and noncredit programs etc., must be sent directly to us by the issuing institution. Where academic records are issued in a language other than English or French, please arrange for the submission of a certified English translation. In cases where the transcript does/will not clearly state that a degree has been conferred, two official degree certificates from the issuing institution must also be submitted.

If UBC is your undergraduate institution we are able to download your transcripts from the Student Service Centre.  You do not have to order them from the transcript office.  For any questions please contact the Program Office.

Note: Please realize that your post-secondary institution may take some time to process requests for transcripts, especially at the end of the calendar year.  We suggest you request transcripts to be sent early enough to meet the January 15th deadline.

Statement of Intent

Please provide a statement of intent (less than 800 words) which details how your academic and/or professional background has prepared you specifically for graduate study and a career in Asia Pacific policy. Please include details on:

  1. your substantive academic preparation;
  2. any relevant professional experience;
  3. any initiatives you have undertaken that have been related to Asia Pacific policy;
  4. your specific geographic and thematic areas of interest in Asia Pacific policy and the kind of questions and issues you would like to focus on during your MAAPPS course of study; 
  5. your career objectives and how the MAAPPS program matches these objectives;
  6. if you are intending to write a thesis to complete the MAAPPS program, please describe the intended topic of your thesis research briefly;
  7. if you are applying for a dual degree program, please discuss your specific interest in this option.

The online application form provides space for your statement of intent to be pasted into a text box.  Please do not mail the statement of intent separately.

Letters of Recommendation

  • We require references from at least 3 persons able to evaluate your academic performance and potential. If you have been out of school for up to 3 years, 3 academic letters of recommendation are required.  In the event that you have been out of school for 3-5 years, one of the referees may be a work supervisor or manager (forms are available at Faculty of Graduate Studies Reference Forms in PDF). If you have been out of school for over 5 years, two of the referees may be your work supervisor or manager.  
  • These forms should be sent by the referee directly to the Institute of Asian Research. Electronic references (through the online system) or hard-copy via mail are the only acceptable delivery formats.  Note that the link will only be sent to your referees after you have completed and paid for your application.
  • Referees should be qualified to discuss your academic preparation for graduate study in Asia Pacific Policy Studies as specifically as possible, particularly in light of entrance requirements and profiles laid out above.

Please be sure to let your referees know that their letters are due January 15th.  We would encourage you to communicate early and often with your referees about their letter.

Writing Samples

  • Applicants are encouraged to include writing samples that demonstrate their substantive preparation for graduate study in Asia Pacific Policy Studies.
  • Writing samples are to be mailed in hard-copy to the program office.


  • We do not require C.V.s
  • Please do not send plastic covers, binders or other dividers.  Staples and clips are sufficient.
  • If you feel a test score (e.g. GRE (code for UBC is 0965), MCAT, LSAT etc.) will strengthen your application you may submit it but it is not required.



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