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MAAPPS Graduation Project

For their capstone requirement, which takes place after coursework is complete, three options are available to MAAPPS students. The most commonly selected option is the practicum (internship). Students who are considering applications to PhD programs on their path to an academic career are highly encouraged to write a thesis. On occasion, the field research exercise has offered students an opportunity to collect data for an on-going research project.


  • internships give students the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills gained in course work in a professional setting
  • the practicum is an opportunity to connect with a potential, future employer and is seen as a "stepping stone"
  • students are responsible for identifying internships that they are interested in; read here for a list of past practicum placements
  • some students participate in formal internship programs such as those offered by international organizations or some Canadian missions in Asia; other students identify host organizations in policy areas of their interest and approach these organizations directly with a request for a practicum
  • practica last a minimum of two months
  • most internships have taken place in Asia in the past, though many students have also been able to arrange for very interesting placements in Canada, the USA or Europe
  • following the completion of their internship, students are required to write a practicum report. Commonly, this report contains any writing done in the course of the practicum, but also includes some reflections on links between coursework and the practicum experience
  • Practicum report writers can now deposit their report into UBC's CiRcle - a digital repository of reserach and teaching materials. 


  • MAAPPS students who are considering research careers usually write a thesis
  • theses represent the write-up of a major, independent research project
  • thesis topics have ranged across the whole gamut of areas of research included in Asia Pacific Policy Studies, though they are concentrated in fields where IAR or other UBC faculty are conducting research
  • some students have collected original data for their theses, most include at least secondary data analysis
  • all thesis writers are required by the University to deposit their thesis into UBC's CiRcle - a digital repository of reserach and teaching materials. 


  •  the fieldwork exercise graduation option gives students the opportunity to become involved in a research project pursued by a faculty member
  • as part of the exercise, the student typically collects data for the research project and is required to submit a write-up of some analyses of these data

 Further Information

For further information on the capstone requirement, see the appropriate sections under "Current Students"

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