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Dr. Kyung-Ae Park received an award from the South Korean Prime Minister

Congratualtions to Dr. Kyung-Ae Park who received a high-level award from the South Korean Prime Minister. The Award is given to overseas Koreans who made outstanding contributions to enhancing South Korea’s national image and interests. For more details, please visit Korea Daily and VanChosun Daily. (In Korean)

The 2014 World Jade Symposium

Join us for from November 21, 2014 to November 23, 2014 for The 2014 World Jade Symposium at Robson Square that brings together artists, miners, archaeologists and jade aficionados for a celebration of this ancient and beautiful global symbol of artistic, religious, and cultural heritages. More details here.



Asia Pacific Policy Project
This student-run blog focuses on annually rotating graduate projects

Mongolia Today
Information and analysis of contemporary Mongolia

High Peaks Pure Earth
Translations of blogs from Tibet and People's Republic of China


Asia Pacific Memo



Interested in current issues in Asia and across the Pacific? We invite you to look at the Asia Pacific Memo series. It's the Institute of Asian Research's communications initiative to feature accessible scholarly knowledge about contemporary Asia.

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My Father and the Republic" (Video Interview with Novelist, Dramatist, and Historian Pai Hsien-yung)

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Upcoming Events
Thursday, Jan 08, 2015
“Sei Shōnagon Gets the Last Word: Loyalty, Humour, and Chinese-style Learning in the Pillow Book”
Event - Centre for Japanese Research

Monday, Nov 24, 2014
China: Outlook, Risks and Reform
Event - Centre for Chinese Research

Tuesday, Nov 25, 2014
"China's Property Market: Economic, Financial and Social Risks"
Event - Centre for Chinese Research

Thursday, Nov 27, 2014
Taiwan’s Enigma: Recent Archaeological discoveries in Taiwan and their implications for the prehistory of Southeast Asia
Event - Department of Anthropology, Centre for Chinese Research

Friday, Nov 28, 2014
The Return of the Native: Japan’s Wartime Pan-Asianism and the Aesthetic Production of “Korea” in Yi Hyo-sŏk’s Late Colonial Writings
Seminar - Centre for Korean Research

The Institute of Asian Research

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