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MAAPPS Program Overview


The MAAPPS program is suspended for admissions in September 2015 and will be transitioning to a new professional MPP program. Read here for more details.


The MAAPPS program offers training focused on the Asia Pacific to prepare graduates for policy-related professional careers. Courses in policy analysis methodologies are combined with academic and applied seminars.

Program Elements

MAPPS Program SummaryThe program consists of three distinct elements:

  • Core Course (6 credits)
  • Elective course work (18 credits)
  • Master's Thesis (12 credits) or Practicum (12 credits).

Thematic Streams

The MAAPPS program is organized into six thematic streams:

a) Economic and Social Change;
b) Security;
c) Gender and Development;
d) Governance and Human Rights;
e) Infrastructure Policy
f) Media.

Program Duration

The program can be completed in twelve, eighteen or twenty-four months, respectively. While a twelve-month course of study might be most suitable for mid-career professionals with time constraints, most students have found the course load for this compressed program to be very intensive and demanding.

A less compressed course of study typically offers the students greater opportunities for broader educational experiences, including the great variety of conferences, workshops and seminars regularly offered at the Institute of Asian Research and other UBC units.

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